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Suns Out Shades Out

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After a long winter the sun is out things are warming up. Thank goodness! As you get outside for some fun make sure to protect those eyes with a good pair of sun glasses. I highly recommend Suncloud sun glasses. They are polarized, come in variety of great styles, and are a great price. I have spent some long days on the water and after wearing these for 10 plus hours my nose, face, and eyes still felt great. Two styles that have worked great for me have been the Voucher and the Cutout. The Voucher is light with wrap around coverage and protection, great for a hike or day of fishing. The Cutout has a lot more style to it with the same great polarization and comfort, perfect for taking in a game at the ball park.

Voucher - Tortoise Frame with Rose Lens

Cutout - Black Frame with Grey Lens

At $49.99-$59.99 a pair they are a lot easier on the wallet compared to a lot of other shades, especially if you are prone to breaking or losing sun glasses. Stop by either of our stores to try on a variety of styles and find what fits you best. Enjoy the nice weather out there!